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J.E.Dyer on Charlottesville neo-Nazi/KKK-Antifa chaos rally…….

Leftist nut-jobs in America…..(either side)

Ugly ‘white supremacist’ rally in Charlottesville draws ugly counter-protest, ends with fatality

It takes only seconds to say what is most needful about the planned rally of Nazis, KKK, and white-supremacy hangers-on in Charlottesville, Virginia on 12 August.


The ideology espoused by these groups is vile.  It is racist, anti-Semitic, hate-filled, and divisive.  It manifests itself in weird symbology and cult-like chants.  It is legitimately connected to Adolf Hitler, to persecution of American blacks in the decades after the Civil War, to the Holocaust of the Jews, to state socialism (“Nazi” = “National Socialist”), and to the worst side of the pre-1970s Democratic Party.


The sentiments expressed by the Nazi ralliers in Charlottesville are indefensible and should be roundly condemned.


They also have nothing to do with the conservative right in America, or with the Republican Party or Donald Trump.


They emphatically have nothing to do with what America represents, or the soul and spirit that unify the American people.


There are other things to say about Charlottesville, and heaven knows we will hear all of them in the coming days.  I’ll address just a few here.


1. We’re still waiting to hear who the driver was, of the vehicle that was rammed into left-wing counter-protesters, killing one and injuring 19 (the latest count I’ve seen).


There was a brief flurry earlier today in which some amateur online sleuths thought they had figured the guy’s identity out.  He’s in police custody at this point, so we really don’t have to go to all that trouble.  We’ll find out soon enough.  But these folks came up with a name, and sent it viral.


It looks like they were wrong, at least from what I can tell.  Someone else who appears to own the Ohio-registered Dodge Charger looks like a better candidate.  I’m not naming either individual here, because it’s just irresponsible.  The first guy whose name was plastered all over social media has already caught enough grief.


It’s a terrible thing that this event ended in death.  (I haven’t seen information on the identity of the victim yet.)  There’s a sense of a threshold being crossed, a sense that I think affects most of us, regardless of our political affiliations.


2. That said, the threshold could have been crossed a number of times in the past three years, by Antifa and other radical-left thugs who have shown up around the country with weapons and engaged in destruction and violence, often initiating it against peaceful demonstrators.


President Trump was right about two points he made in his comments on the Charlottesville event today.  One, Obama didn’t create this event, and neither did Trump.  The point is a warning to both the left and the right to not try to justify excess or violence with complaints about the politics (or the people) we don’t like.  It is an essential  point, and Trump made it with admirable simplicity.


More here.

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