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Daniel Greenfield: Left-wing extremism gives rise to antiextremist reaction…….

Identity group politics is a signature trademark of the Left, something of which neo-nazis and the KKK clearly belong.

America is an idea, and while the Founders and Framers of the country hailed from white Europe, the founding of the country they created was wrapped around the idea that liberty, self determination and individual sovereignty is a moral and unalienable right handed down by our creator, not by man, and can never be rescinded but is eternal.

‘American exceptionalism’ is that idea. It’s the belief that centrality of the individual which makes up different groups, organizations and institutions is what’s to be defended, from both government and other forces, both foreign and domestic. These individuals make up the civil society which bequeathed life to the government they instituted, not the other way around.

The (progressive) Left has done great damage to the country, as well as to many others throughout the West, they bear great responsibility for their role in damaging the real leaps humankind that has been made over the past century and a half. Damn them.


A functioning society requires a middle ground. There has to be someplace where different sides can meet and negotiate their differences. Extremism happens when one or both sides eliminate that middle ground. And then all that’s left is a brutal fight for power.


The left is up on its high horse after the latest violence. But it’s the Democrats who allowed themselves to be taken over by the left. The extremism boosted Black Nationalist racist groups which were quickly mainstreamed.


Democrats demand that Republicans condemn Neo-Nazis. And certainly everyone should make their disgust clear. But Democrats have publicly endorsed Black Lives Matter. And Black Nationalists are just another racist hate group. Who operate with the support of the Democrats.


The Confederate memorial crisis was an utterly unnecessary confrontation pushed by Black Nationalists and exploited by Neo-Nazis.


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