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Denmark: How about organizing a Pride event in the center of heavily Islamized Nørrebro…..?

Nørrebro is a heavily muslim populated district of Copenhagen, 1 out of 6 people there hold foreign passports. When you understand that, then you can figure out exactly why Leftists arrange their Gay Pride marches outside of that area.


Why not let pride go through Mjølnerpark?


Photo published for Hvorfor ikke lade Priden gå gennem Mjølnerparken?For several years, Copenhagen Pride has been run outside of Nørrebro. Strangely enough, Nørrebro is in Denmark’s most diverse city. Last year it became apparent that it was not possible for boys and girls to dance down Nørrebrogade street due to road work. This year it is said that there are better photo opportunities at Frederiksberg Allé. I am already looking forward to next year’s explanation.


Or Joy of joys, it is hardly a victory for liberals that Pride must again be outside of Nørrebro.


The district, called Denmark’s most diverse, is only on paper. In fact, Jews can not feel confident if they are kidding Nørrebrogade, and Jewish homosexuals have already announced the movement “Rainbows back to Nørrebro” that if the parade goes through Nørrebrogade, it will be without them .


We all know that the city that recently introduced a visitation zone and has been haunted by shootings has long since begun a movement from diversity to simplicity. Therefore, it is also ridiculous to continue to mention Nørrebro as diverse.

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