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Malaysia show it’s ‘moderate’ Islam with separate cups for Muslims and non-Muslims in government schools……

Islamic supremacy has a long record stretching back to its early existence, nothing has changed since then.

In Iran they have ‘najis’ purity restrictions placed upon non-Muslims, most notably against Jews. The whole caste of dhimmitude restrictions are solely meant to show the superiority of the Muslim over the non-Muslim. We are often subjected to mindless drivel about supposed examples of moderate Islam seen in both Malaysia and in Indonesia. Yet, when the centers of Islamic orthodoxy begin to hold sway in these countries, any sense of ‘moderation’ is thrown out the window, Islam 101 has a way of refining the key essential oils of Islamic superiority and supremacy and making them dominant.

School’s policy of separate cups for Muslims and non-Muslims draws ire

| August 10, 2017

The practice started last year and parents are not pleased.

HULU LANGAT: A policy of segregating drinking cups in a primary school in Selangor has threatened to spark yet another controversy involving the treatment of non-Muslim students in government schools.


FMT’s visit to Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Puteri in Hulu Langat showed that cups placed next to a drinking water dispenser at one of the school’s blocks were labelled “Muslim” and “non-Muslim”.


School authorities refused to comment when asked for a response, but a canteen worker said, on condition of anonymity, that the practice began last year under the school’s principal, who has since been transferred after a four-year tenure.


Attempts to get comments from the education ministry, including Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan, also failed.


Parent Madhavi expressed shock over the policy, while school bus operator Chitra Devi said the practice should be stopped as children of all communities should “eat and play together”.


“Money changes hands from non-Muslims to Muslims and vice-versa. So this shouldn’t be practised,” she added.


More here. H/T: TROP

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