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Susan Rice and fellow Democrats promote failed “strategic patience” doctrine in face of North Korean aggression.

Former President Barack Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice has some dangerous advice for President Trump on how to deal with the North Korean nuclear threat, which she delivered in the form of a New York Times op-ed on August 10th under the title, “It’s Not Too Late on North Korea.”  Now a private citizen, but still possessing a top-secret security clearance for no apparent reason, Ms. Rice recommended what amounts to a policy of appeasement toward the rogue regime, declaring that a nuclear-armed North Korea would not be so terrible. “History shows that we can, if we must, tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea,” Ms. Rice wrote. In actually, history shows the opposite. When dealing with a megalomaniacal dictator armed to the teeth, a policy built around “peace in our time” does not work.


Ms. Rice is not an innocent observer of current events. She played a prominent role in shaping U.S. foreign policy while serving as the Obama administration’s United Nations ambassador and then as Obama’s national security adviser. She helped to formulate and sell the flawed approach known as “strategic patience” that guided Obama’s feckless foreign policy in North Korea and other trouble spots. This catch phrase is nothing more than a euphemism for kicking the can down the road and letting the next administration worry about the festering problems the Obama administration refused to confront head on. President Trump does not need any advice from one of the key persons responsible for the mess that he has inherited.


Nor should President Trump listen to the hectoring Democrats in Congress who have too often gotten it wrong on major foreign policy issues. For example, House Democrat minority whip Steny Hoyer took issue with President Trump’s warning to the North Korean regime that it faced “fire and fury” if it did not change its ways. “It is not a strategic or responsible response to issue wild threats of destruction,” Representative Hoyer said in a statement. “Such behavior we’d expect to see from [Kim Jong-un] himself, not the President of the United States.”


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