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Mali: Swedish hostage Johan Gustafsson ‘pretended to be Muslim’ to survive…….

Islam 101 demands full submission, any deviance is met with swift death.

It pains me to say this, but this survivor may yet find himself in the very same situation in his homeland, once Islamic norms because fully ingrained in that society.

Swedish hostage Johan Gustafsson ‘pretended to be Muslim’ to survive

Swede Johan Gustafsson, who was kidnapped by al-Qaeda in Mali in 2011, has spoken publicly for the first time since his release this summer after almost six years in captivity.

Gustafsson from Värnamo, southern Sweden, returned home in June after five years and seven months in captivity in Mali. Sweden has refused to provide details about how his release was secured, describing it only as the result of “years of efforts” by police, diplomats and Swedish and international authorities.


On Thursday Gustafsson held a press conference in Stockholm for the first time.


“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my friends and people I know that don’t speak Swedish. I have received so many warm messages after my release,” he said in English before changing to Swedish. “I’m very happy to be here today. I didn’t always think I would get home again.”


He thanked Swedish authorities for keeping in close contact with his family and keeping them informed about his situation during his captivity. He also thanked charity organization Gift of the Givers, which had been working to secure his and his fellow hostages’ release.


“These years have been tough, both for me and my family. Five years and seven months. It warms my heart every time anyone welcomes me home,” he said.


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