Invasion of Spanish beach resort (Tarifa) by Muslim settlers as bewildered tourists look on………

This is happening on a regular basis…

What once was considered a major breach of state sovereignty and national security, is now just ”an event”.

WATCH: Holidaymakers stunned as migrant boat arrives on beach in South of Spain

THIS is the moment a boatload of migrants disembarked on a packed Spanish beach and ran up the sand past stunned holidaymakers.


Around 30 men were filmed sprinting away from the wooden vessel after crossing undetected from Morocco to Europe.


The men reached a stretch of sand called Germans Beach, near the southern Spanish resort of Tarifa at around 2pm on Wednesday afternoon as sun seekers enjoyed one of the hottest days of the summer so far this year.


Police claimed they were powerless to stop the beach drop, in Playa de los Alemanes, as a lack of resources meant only one officer was in the area at the time.


In the footage, the men can be seen running up the beech as confused tourists look on.

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