Dennis Prager Leftism Leftism in America Racism

Dennis Prager at Horowitz Freedom Center: ” the last idea prior to the current left to hold that race matters is the Nazis”…….

Prager is excellent. One of the more gifted speakers and intellects of our times.

I am a God-believing individual, and the Bible is the book of my wisdom, and I often debate which is my favorite verse, but I have to say, at this time, my favorite verse is, “Those of you who love God, must hate evil.”  It is an actual — It is a scriptural directive.  If you don’t hate evil, you don’t love God.  Okay?  It’s simple as that.  And so there’s a directive to hate evil.  (Applause.)
And so I’m also here because that’s true about Dr. Bob and it’s true about Geert Wilders.  These guys hate evil and they fight, and so along with David Horowitz, that’s a pretty powerful trifecta.

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