Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Sweden

Israeli ambassador excoriates Church of Sweden priest for dissing Israelis at Stockholm Gay Pride march…….

This woman is ill.

Ambassador Bachman: The Church of Sweden’s Anna Karin Hammar “is an utter disgrace”

An utter disgrace, to see the Swedish Church representative and notorious anti-Israel priest Anna Karin Hammar – accusing Israel of so called “pinkwashing”, following the Israeli participation in the Stockholm 2017 Pride Parade.


What kind of a distorted mind does it take to construe the objective reality of the tolerance of Israeli society and vibrant LGBT community, as something to be held against us?


In the eyes of Hammar, it is not “nice of Israel” to show an indisputable reality that goes against the grain of her monstrous distortions and constant demonization.


Well, truth hurts!!


When will we see the Palestinian ambassador walk with a Palestinian flag – or for that matter any other Arab or Islamic flag – at the head of a proud delegation of their compatriots? I sincerely fear we will be a long time in the waiting, with AKH heading the line – and while we all wait for that day finally to come, Palestinian LGBT people will have to continue to seek refuge in Israel, not to be persecuted and killed.


If you want to see for yourself the absurdity of Anna-Karin Hammar’s remarks and her fatally flawed arguments – as pointed out by me and numerous comments to her and to me- click the link.

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