Islam 101 Tommy Robinson

Important extract taken from Tommy Robinson’s book ‘Enemy of the State…….

What this proves, is that Tommy Robinson is a thinker, he delved headfirst into what makes Islam tick, the koran. It alone explains the abhorrent behavior of its followers.

If there was one positive to take away from that experience, it was a better understanding of the type of people I was dealing with. I read the Koran during those 22 weeks in solitary and suddenly all of what I suppose people might call Islamic prejudices didn’t seem so prejudiced at all.


Most of what I’d heard second and third hand was right there in black and white, absolute encouragement – no, a divine instruction – to act atrociously towards the rest of the world. Obey Allah or burn in hell forever. Page after page of it. Sex slaves, the lot. The thing is horrific.


The Koran was sent to me by a Dawa group – Muslim missionaries who try to turn people to Islam. They probably thought they were having a laugh at my expense, but they ended up doing me a huge favour.


I started writing down key facts, about their hateful attitude towards Jews and Christians, about sexual slavery. I couldn’t get my head round it. Here was the holy book the world’s Muslims want to rule the planet by – and if you ask my opinion, the thing should be banned for inciting racial and religious hatred on almost every page.


Unbelievable. I read more and more – the Koran professing Muslim superiority over all; that it’s permissable to beat wives; that Mohammed is the model for all Muslim men – so it was fine to marry children aged just nine. Hatred towards all non-Muslims was enshrined in their holy book, page after page of it.


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