France Iran Islamic terrorism

France makes mega deal with Islamonazis of Iran, business couldn’t be better with totalitarians…….

This is why French governments were eager for a deal to go through….any deal.

This mirrors their attitude of being in the ‘coalition of the unwilling’ during Bush Jr’s run up to the Iraqi war, deep in bed with Oil for Food scam they didn’t want their business apple cart upset. Now they’re making deals with a rogue regime 10 times worse than the NORKS, who WILL use their nukes once they get their hands on them, allah told them so.

French carmaker Renault signs €660 million deal with Iran

French carmaker Renault signs €660 million deal with Iran

French automaker Renault signed on Monday a long-awaited joint venture deal with Iran worth 660 million euros ($779 million) to build up to 300,000 cars per year.
The new deal puts Renault in partnership with Iran’s state Industrial Development and Renovation Organisation (IDRO) and private firm Parto Negin Naseh.
Renault will hold a 60-percent stake with IDRO and Parto Negin Naseh 20 percent each.
“The first phase of this accord worth 660 million euros provides for the annual manufacturing of 150,000 cars,” IDRO head Mansour Moazami said at a signing ceremony in Tehran.

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