Finn lawyer group wants to ensure it gets place at trough, insists Muslim settlers (asylum seekers) need attorneys during vetting process…….

They really do have their snout in the trough and society be damned…..

Lawyers’ group demands better legal protection for asylum seekers: “Everyone should be equal before the law”

Last year’s changes to Finland’s system of providing legal assistance to asylum seekers have undermined their level of legal protection, fostering incorrect asylum decisions, says the Finnish Bar Association, a group of over 20,000 attorneys-at-law.


Turvapaikanhakijoita Evitskogin vastaanottokeskuksessa Kirkkonummella 2. helmikuuta 2016.

The Finnish Bar Association demands that Finland take steps to improve the legal protection of asylum seekers. Last autumn the government put restrictions on asylum seeker access to legal assistance. The lawyers’ group resisted this change already in its planning stage.


“The consequences we suspected when we submitted our initial statement have unfortunately come to fruition. These changes should never have been made,” says the association’s president, Jarkko Ruohola.


He says the reform has led to asylum seekers no longer being treated equally.


“It is a basic right that all people should be equal before the law, regardless of nationality or place of residence. Asylum seekers are now on a different footing than other people involved in legal proceedings. The Finnish Bar Association doesn’t believe that this is the way things should be,” Ruohola says.



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