Finland Islam in Finland

Finn media highlights 1st graders learning English, shows hijabed Muslim writing ”I have a dog”…….

They haven’t any idea of the irony…..

Also, they deem every story about immigrants has to have a Muslim in it, even when the .

Many children will start learning language this autumn already in the first grade

The Minister of Education would diversify language studies and start language teaching by the first grade at the latest.


This autumn, many schools start experimenting in which the first foreign language studies start in pre-school or early grades.


Minister Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, the Minister of Education, wishes early language education throughout the country as soon as possible.


– According to studies, language learning in children is best done just before language studies in Finland begin, Grahn-Laasonen says to STT.


The aim is that language studies in Finland should not only advance, but also diversify.


– We learn English well but rarely start to become too rare. French and German are studying less and rising languages, such as China or Spain, too little, says Grahn-Laasonen.


– In the international world, almost any language skills can be very useful for a small country.


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  1. The best education ever. Next, write “How do I dress normally”

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