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UK: Finns head coach at World Championship sports event deems ‘tick bites’ greater threat than Islamic terrorism…….

Until they launch an attack that is…..

Downplaying a threat might ease the mind, but does nothing to actually limit the threat itself.

Finns don’t succumb to terrorist threat: “A tick’s bite is a greater risk”

Thursday, 3 August, 2010 at 16.05

Lontoon poliisi on varautunut erityisellä huolella yleisurheilun MM-kisoihin.

Finns in London do not give room for fear of terrorism.

  • Finnish sports fan, Tina Falzon, who has been living in London for years, is not afraid of a terrorist attack.
  • Athletic team boss deems a tick’s bite a greater risk than terrorism.

The Finnish sports fan, Tina Falzon, who has been living in London for years, says that the World Cup does not give her any special worry.


“There’s a bigger chance here of stumbling and hitting her head than being a victim of terrorism,” says Falzon.


Modern terrorism seems to involve suicide attacks with over sized vehicles ramming a crowd.


– Nobody is avoiding any places. Stalls, parks and street squares are full. However, you should keep your eyes open and if you see something suspicious, you should immediately report it.


Ticks are worse


According to Jorma Kemppainen , the Finnish national team is using the “safety of common sense”.


– “There are always concerns about own living quarters, and use only official transfers to competitions and exercises,” says Kemppainen.


The Olympics seasoned champion also describes the security measures of the World Championships as massive.


– At least not so far, they have been as visible as during the London Olympics in 2012.


He recalls that the likelihood of terrorism in the World Champioships is small.


– I deem tick bites for athletes as a greater risk factor.



H/T:  Jani Räsänen

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