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Australia: Synagogue banned over fear of Islamo-attack against it…….

Governments around the West have chosen who’ll they’ll side with, and it’s not with the traditional Judeo-Christian valued society, but with the followers of totalitarian creed of Islam. They must be placated at every turn or else.


I keep repeating myself, but what else shows the complete disingenuous of the Left and their lackeys across the aisle concerning ”Never Again”, when they consistently import and placate Jew hating Muslims?


NOTE: The Jihadis create havoc and the Muslim communities, far from being actually victimized, are handed one victory after the other at the host society’s expense.

H/T: Tommy Robinson

Bondi synagogue ban over terrorism risk leaves Jewish community shocked and furious

The synagogue is in the heart of Australia’s most iconic suburb and just a few hundred metres from the world famous Bondi Beach. Photo: Dylan Robinson

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