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Finnish conscripts in execution video mock up, investigation launched…….

H/T: Vasarahammer via Perus Virtanen:

“Visit the Middle East and execute people, you’re deemed normal, in Finland, pretend to execute people, you’ll be taken to court.”

Kaakon Communications: The execution video of the Karelian Brigade conscripts is under investigation

During an investigation, it will be decided whether the matter is being handled by the Defense Forces internally or whether the matter is being transferred to the prosecutor.

The investigation will begin with the video that Kaako’s Communications, such as Kouvolan Sanomat . The video was taken this summer.

The video shows how one of the Karelian brigade’s leaders points his assault rifle at seven others and shoots each turn with a round. The men standing in a line about 15 to 20 meters away from the shooter,  fall to the ground as if they were hit.

The video shows that the barrel of the shooter’s assault rifle has an impulse amplifier attached to it. It breaks the wooden bullet of the round.

– Ridiculous behavior. We will start an investigation. Let’s find out where and when the video was shot. We will also investigate who they are. This kind of action is by no means acceptable, affirms Jouni Kautonen, Lieutenant-General Law Officer, to Kaakon Communications

According to him, the video’s starting position is distorted: the soldier pretends to execute people who do not put up any resistance.

– It violates the rules of war. The plotting situation is also incorrect and contrary to the generally accepted habits. Armed weapons and ammunition can not be used for such activities, Kautonen emphasizes.

According to Kautonen, the activity seen in the video is very rare. He has not become aware of similar acts in Karelia Brigade in recent years.


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