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Finland: Female teachers of religion/joint swimming sessions not always welcome by Muslims in Finnish Schools…….

Finnish schools have classes on religion, that’s all well and good, but that was way before Islam became a force to be reckoned with.

The Finnish headline is a bit misleading, what’s in question here is not ‘religion in general’, but Islam, and the adherents to that totalitarian ideology. One negative aspect of Muslims not participating in these classes, is that they do not hear about the religious views/norms of the host society they have chosen to live in. This is of course the norm within hijra societies, they seek to supplant the existing culture.

A Finnish woman is not always eligible to teach religion – HS asked about cultural differences in schools


At present, most people in Islamic communities speak more about swimming than of the religious education in schools, says the Helsingin Sanomat .


According to Jukka Isohanni, head of the Vuoniity Elementary School in Vuosaari and in Rastila in the Vuosaari area, recently there was a situation where, if a Finnish woman teaches religion, Muslims may ask their children to stay away from religious lessons.

– They think a man should teach. In addition, school teaching is secular. Many Muslim children are in a koran school on weekends, which is religious, Isohanni tells Helsingin Sanomat.

HS asked the rector of a school in three metropolitan areas how cultural differences are visible in schools.


Participation in swimming pools is sometimes discussed in schools with the parents of immigrant children. Isohanni says that in recent years he has come across only individual situations where the girl has not taken part in swimming.


Music lessons and Independence Day dances, according to the paper, are a hard place for many Muslim families. Sometimes it is decided that girls can attend a party with a couple of girls.    H/T: JKN

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