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Folks not buying apology by California Imam for his anti-Jew sermon rant…….

Nor should they, he allowed to be disingenuous to the non-believer by Islamic law…

The Imam apologized, but I’m not buying

Bad vibes from the California imam. And such hatred can’t be taken back and tidied up with a simple apology.


We bring them into our country on trust that they will become good citizens and many of them may be just that – but then we also get an imam at Davis, in northern California who doesn’t whisper sweet nothings – but openly sermonizes death to all Jews.


How many others are like that – we don’t know. But we can guess.


That happened a few days ago at the Islamic Center of Davis, where this character preached that we should be “annihilated down to the very last one.”


Turns out he has apologized. I’m not buying. Such hatred can’t be taken back and tidied up with a simple apology.


The rant was just too REAL, too disturbing, whereas the atonement appears to be too calculated and politically expedient.


Such bad vibes strike at the heart of every American. You don’t have to be Jewish.

So the question remains, is this the gift of immigration – and who precisely is it you want to annihilate, Mr. Imam?


More here.

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  1. Notice that the video is provided by MEMRI. The mainstream media does not report incidents like these. There is a good reason for this.

    The thesis offered in the sermon does not fit the image of Islam that the mainstream media wishes to present.

    Thank you, Tundra Tabloids! Thank you for posting that informative article.


    There is NO Santa Claus (aka TINSC)

    1. Thanks TINSC. If we’re going to be against Jew hatred, and I truly hope and wish the overwhelming majority of Americans still are, then we have to be against every example of it no matter where it crops up, (including from some in the ”alt-right” movement). This blog sticks sternly to the truth and rejects any kind if PC.

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