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Russia’s Putin comes to Finland to collude with Finnish president Sauli Niinistö…….

So lets just play the game that the media like to indulge itself with…

Putin and Niinistö talk defence, environment and possible US sanctions

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and Russian President Vladimir Putin met for talks in eastern Finland on Thursday. The two leaders held a joint press conference and said they discussed subjects which ranged from environmental and energy issues to topics concerning defence and bilateral cooperation. Putin also said that any tightening of sanctions by the US against Russia would be a violation of international law.




The pair also talked about a water treatment facility in Kaliningrad, Russia. Niinistö said they discussed Finland’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council, and the possibility of reducing emissions by eliminating coal powered facilities in the Arctic region.


During the Russian leader’s statements, Putin said “we will increase cooperation in the Arctic,” and praised Russia’s and Finland’s cooperation on environmental issues.


Putin said that Finnish and Russian firms would join forces in the wind energy industry, and spoke of common investments at the Hanhikivi nuclear power plant.


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