Islam 101 ISLAMIC STATE Rape

Teen girl captured by sharia compliant Islamic state jihadis: ”Everyday was rape and beatings”……

The hell that is mohammedanism…..

14 Year Old Schoolgirl Captured By ISIS: “Every Day Was Rape And Being Beaten”

A BRAVE schoolgirl has revealed her story how she was captured, raped and beaten every day for six months by an ISIS fighter.


Ekhlas, tried to escape up Mount Sinjar but she was not quick enough and re-captured.


She told in an interview in SHOCKING detail how so-called ISIS militants captured her and held her as a ‘sex slave’.


Speaking out for the first time to BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire she explained the horrific details of what she went through and how it drove her to attempt suicide.


She explained she was frightened by just the sight and the smell of her brutal attacker.


More here. H/T: Tommy Robinson

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