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UK: Islamonazi Anjem Chardoury claiming over £140 000 in legal aid……..

When all what was needed was just a quick trip to Gitmo….

EXCLUSIVE: ISIS-supporting hate preacher Anjem Choudary bleeds the taxpayer for £140,000 in legal aid bills (and the final total will be even more)

  • Anjem Choudary received £140,557 to fund unsuccessful defence at Old Bailey
  • Put behind bars in August after being found guilty of inciting support for ISIS
  • Choudary is thought to have milked £500,000 in benefits from the British state

Anjem Choudary was put behind bars in August after being found guilty of inciting support for the terror group in a series of sick online lectures.


He is believed to have inspired at least 110 Britons into committing terrorist acts and encouraged up to 850 fanatics to travel to Syria to fight for the Islamic State.


And today MailOnline can reveal he billed the taxpayer £140,557 for his unsuccessful court battle – and the figure is set to rise as his lawyers continue to file claims.


The data, revealed in a freedom of information request, includes £98,122 to pay for a solicitor, £23,569 for another court lawyer, and £18,866 in legal firm expenses.


After an Old Bailey trial shrouded in secrecy, Choudary was found guilty of ‘inviting support for a proscribed organisation’ under the Terrorism Act 2000.


His deputy, Mizanur Rahman, was convicted of the same offence, and the pair were each sentenced to five and a half years in prison.


Choudary has long served as the smug public face of radical Islam, organising protests against British troops and spouting his bile in TV interviews.


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