Paleostinians Palestinian Authority

Ho hum: ‘Paleostinkian’ Authority cuts ties with Israel…….

There was nothing there for the Israelis to do business with anyways…

Palestinian Authority Suspends Ties with Israel

Abbas announced the suspension of Palestinian ties with Israel. What, if any, are the ramifications of his announcement?


Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas announced Friday night that the PA is suspending all contact with Israel until it removes the security measures it recently introduced at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.


The decision includes the cessation of the security coordination with Israel, the first such move in a decade.


Abbas relies heavily on Israel to help the PA maintain control over the Palestinian street and to fend off attempts by rival Palestinian factions to overthrow Abbas’ Fatah party.


Abbas cut a diplomatic visit to China short this week as tensions escalated in Jerusalem, and headed a joint meeting for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Fatah Central Committee to discuss strategy in confronting the Israeli measures, the PA’s WAFA news agency reported.


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