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Germany: 16 y/o girl brainwashed into Islam arrested in Iraq, suspected of joining Islamic (nazi) State…….

Dawa, Koran, massive indoctirnation = severe connection to inner Mohamed leading to jihad.


German jihadi girl arrested in Iraq

A German 16-year-old girl suspected of joining the Islamic State (Isis) jihadists in Iraq was arrested last week in Mosul, a German judicial source said on Saturday.
German jihadi girl arrested in Iraq
“The Dresden prosecutor confirms that Linda W. was identified in Iraq,” where she is receiving German consular assistance, said the prosecutor’s office in Dresden, near the teen’s eastern hometown of Pulsnitz.
German media earlier reported Iraqi soldiers had captured the teenager last week along with several other suspected Isis ‘brides’ in a tunnel where they had taken refuge and where weapons and explosives belts had also been uncovered.
Linda W. disappeared last year after apparently making contact with Isis members via internet messaging and reportedly converting to Islam.
German weekly Der Spiegel reported on Saturday that Linda W. had been detained in Baghdad with three other German women and that they had been questioned following the liberation of Mosul from Isis control which Iraq reported on July 10th.


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