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Sweden: Three Somalis charged for rape in Järfälla…….

Source: Paavo Tajukangas via 

The district court arrested three Somalis for rape in Järfälla

Attundan District Court arrested three Somalis on suspicion for rape in Järfälla . A Somali language interpreter had been asked to attend the session.


The prosecutor demanded the arrest of the suspects, on reasonable grounds. There was also a suspicion that the suspects hampered the investigation. The offense has been given a minimum penalty of 2 years.


Suspects were staying in Järfälla.


  • Ahmed, Hanad Liban, b. 07/30/2000
  • Mire, Abdirashid Ahmed, born. 30/12/1999 (!)
  • Salaat, Hanad Ahmed, 01/01/1999 (!)


More here in Finnish


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