Lying Muslims

Lying Muslima alert: Falsely claims man pulled off supremacist symbol from her head…….

Be suspicious of claims made by Muslims against the non-Muslim….always.

That aside, I would condemn anyone accosting someone wearing a Che Guevara/hammer and sickle T-shirt or a swastika, as well as wearing an Islamo-headscarf.

UK: Muslima falsely claims man pulled off her hijab in “race hate attack”

What race are Sharia laws regarding women covering their heads? I keep forgetting. In any case, it’s her word against his, but it is likely that he is telling the truth, because he is asking that the surveillance video be reviewed, which he would not be doing if it showed him to be the aggressor. Also, Aniso Abulkadir is claiming that people videoed the episode but did not step in to help. If that were true, at least some of these videos would have surfaced, but searches for “hijab” and “London Tube” on YouTube came up empty.


Not least also is the fact that there are numerous incidents of Muslims fabricating anti-Muslim hate crimes. Muslim victimhood feeds the mainstream narrative; as such, it’s a big business.


More here. H/T: Robert Spencer

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