CIA report Corruption Muslim Brotherhood MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN AMERICA

US: CIA top leadership still working against US interests in propping up ”moderate Muslim Brotherhood” meme…….

The rogue elements within that organization needs to be weeded out. Fast.

This is deep state stuff, no matter who’s in government, the operatives deep within its institutions keep charting the same old course.

CIA Defends the Muslim Brotherhood as Western Intel Agencies Warn of Dangers, Links to Terror

As the CIA continues to defend their investment in the Muslim Brotherhood to bring “moderate Islamist democracy” to the Middle East, much of the Middle East and our European allies are moving against the group.


I noted here at PJ Media last month that many of America’s Arab allies (Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia), as well as Israel, had moved well ahead of the U.S. in addressing the group’s toxic influence:


Just last week the foreign minister of Bahrain, whose legislature includes representatives from the Muslim Brotherhood, said that the group is a terrorist organizations and its sympathizers must be prosecuted:


More here.

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