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Denmark: Leftist politician makes sane anti-burka statement on FB, party immediately qualifies her remarks…….

Having a divergent opinion comes at a cost in group think statist run Europe….

Danish party corrects spokesperson on burka ban

The Danish opposition Social Liberal (Radikale Venstre) Party has clarified its position after a spokesperson appeared to suggest the party would join conservatives in supporting a ban on burkas.

Acting spokesperson Lotte Rod said on Wednesday that she would support a ban on the face-covering veil, joining the populist Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti, DF) in calling for the face-covering burka and niqab to be forbidden in public.


Rod wrote on Facebook on Wednesday that she would “like to support a ban” against the burka and niqab, “if the government then makes a concerted effort to help women out of oppression”.


Leader Sofie Carsten Nielsen later said that the position was Rod’s own and does not reflect that of the party as a whole.


“Lotte has made a whole-hearted attempt to place focus in the right area, namely how we should tackle social control. But as Lotte wrote on Facebook, she was speaking on her own behalf,” Nielsen told news agency Ritzau.


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