Islam in the Netherlands Jihadis

Netherlands: Hague databank says 45% of Dutch jihadis are of Moroccan origin…….

That’s a lot of Islamonazis, and goes towards the sane policy of Geert Wilders’ in wanting to decrease their coming into the country.

Once again I posit the same thought:

To highlight the lunacy of allowing sharia supporting Muslims into the West instead of just apostates from Islam: “Just think if Western leaders during the Cold War insisting on implementing a lunatic policy of courting hard-core communist states for immigrants, and then Soviet/communist dissidents being molested by these enclaves of communist sympathizers. Who in their right mind would ever promote such a thing?”

Databank: 45 percent of Dutch Jihadis are of Moroccan origin

Bezoekers bij de rechtbank de bunker in Amsterdam voor de uitspraak in het grote Haagse jihadproces Context, in 2015. Centraal stond een vermeende organisatie van radicale jongeren uit de Haagse regio.


A databank of The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies contains profiles of 207 of the 280 Dutchmen which have left for Syria until june 2017. Forty five percent have a Moroccan-Dutch background, ten percent a Turkish-Dutch background. About 17% are converts, while coverts are less than 3% of the entire Muslim community in the Netherlands.



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