Sweden: Left in a tizzy over 30 neo-nazis loons, while Hamburg boils over with Leftist radicals rampaging throughout its streets…….

How marching against the Antifa Black Block fascists?

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Let me get this straight, a handful of neo-nazis peacefully present their noxious views, while thousands of Leftist (fascists) radicals run riot in the streets, damaging, looting stores, throwing stones at police and other types of violence, yet no cries of condemnation by the Left whatsoever over their co-ideologues behavior.

Diversity protesters march against neo-Nazis at Swedish politics week

A diversity demonstration was held in Visby on Friday in protest against the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement’s presence at Sweden’s iconic Almedalen politics festival.
Several hundred protesters waving rainbow flags took part in the diversity parade in Visby on the island of Gotland, where the annual Almedalen politics week is currently underway, in protest against the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM).
Prosters, including Green Party ministers Gustav Fridolin, Per Bolund and Alice Bah Kuhnke, chanted “No racists on our streets!” as they marched through Visby, and stopped by the NRM’s marquee.
Some 30 members of the neo-Nazi group lined up and chanted back in response:
“Crush the gay lobby!”
“Long live national socialism!”
“White revolution, no excuses!”
The event was monitored by a large group of police officers, as well as crowds of onlookers.
In May, the Gotland municipality granted the NRM space at this year’s Almedalen week. But the municipality later made a U-turn and asked the police to stop the neo-Nazi group from attending, saying they regretted their previous decision.

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