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Poland warmly welcomes Pres.Trump, says ”we don’t need Germany’…….

Kindred spirits….

‘We don’t need Germany – Trump is welcome!’ Poland rolls out red carpet for US President

DONALD Trump arrived in Poland to a hero’s welcome for meetings with countries closest to Russia on his way to the G20 summit in Germany later in the week.


The US President landed in Warsaw at 9.30pm BST where he will get a chance to patch up trans-Atlantic ties this week when he meets with NATO allies still rattled by his failure on an earlier trip to embrace the principle that an attack against one member is an attack against all.


He disembarked Air Force One with wife Melania, wearing an emerald green trench coat, by his side.


The White House said he would showcase his commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in a speech and in meetings with a group of nations closest to Russia on his way to the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany on Friday and Saturday.


President Trump’s visit in Warsaw is expected to go down well with Poles who admire his nationalist stance, as they look to push back on EU migrant quotas.


Ahead of Friday’s G20 Summit account Aleksander Kowalczyk, told the Daily Mail: “There is no love for Germany in Poland.


“I am hoping Trump will bring more love for Poland than Germany has ever shown us. That probably isn’t hard.


“Im hoping he understands us.”


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