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Lunatic Sweden: Professor insists that better sex-ed will reduce music festival gropings/rapes…….

Fat chance!

Only this will…….

“Better sex education would lead to fewer sexual abuse”

Better sex education in schools would reduce sex groppings, even in music festivals, says a professor at Linköping University.

– We might have a sex education boost in Sweden where we modernize sex education, says Carl Göran Svedin, professor of child and adolescent psychiatry.

He believes that it should instead be focusing on the relationship of knowledge which raises questions as “what is a good friend,” “the respect we show each other” and “what is a yes, what is a ‘no’.

– Then you could get with bullying and harassment that are not of a sexual nature in education, says Carl Göran Svedin.

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No problem in Finland however….

No problem during Provinssi festival in Finland

Bråvalla festival was held in Norrkoping, a town of about 87,000 inhabitants, and had an audience of 50,000. In terms of size, it can be compared with Provinssifestival. But unlike the Bråvalla is no sexual problems during Provinssi. Festival Director Sami Rumpunen recollects that once had a rape for about ten years ago. In recent years it has been in Provinssi festival not had a single case of sexual harassment as Rumpunen.


– Domestic festivals, especially the well-established, have only gone toward more gracefully hold and security arrangements have evolved over the years. Wherever you are on the festival site, there is a security guard always within sight.


According Rumpunen because the good mood on the domestic festivals also very large part of the audience’s attitude.


– Finland has developed a solidarity festival culture that takes into account each other and take care of their peers.


Rumpunen find events in Sweden terribly upsetting.


– It is extremely serious, it’s actually about the mainstream festivals. There is particular concern about what is happening in Sweden points to a wider social phenomenon.


Rumpunen does not envy the organizer in Sweden.


– From an organizer’s point of view, this kind of heavy and I feel sorry for the organizers of the festival Bråvalla. According to what I heard has tried to make use of all possible means to secure the public’s safety.


TT note: It’s also about the number of sex starved muslim settlers and their traditional view on women, especially non-muslim women that’s the problem

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