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Brian of London @ JPost: Left/far-left American Jews ‘butthurt’ about decision in Israel…….

Our Buddy Brian (of London) Thomas is in the Jerusalem Post today with a prescient article on why Leftist Jews are losing their power base in the US.

It’s their leftism that’s making them irrelevant, along with their co-ideologues no matter what faith group that they’re from. Leftist Jews, like frogs in a slow boiling pot, are unable to spot their own coming demise as the traditional Left becomes overrun by hard-line radicals who have shifted the Democrat party to embrace the worst of the worst, including a pro-Palestinian/Islamic narrative.

People not beholden to the party but at times past have voted Democrat, are no longer believing in their party’s platform nor feel that they represent them at the national level, and are rejecting them. All this comes at a cost, in votes, influence and money.


 JULY 5, 2017 01:57

Left-wing Jews represent a sharply declining power base in America.

I’m reading a succession of whining articles across the Left and far-left American Jewish world about a decision in Israel. If I had to pick one modern Internet phrase to describe all of the sentiments expressed, it would be “butthurt.” Non-Orthodox Diaspora Jews have just experienced the first concrete result of overwhelmingly backing the wrong horse in 2016.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken a local, pragmatic, political decision to renege on a deal over mixed-gender prayer adjacent to the holiest place Jews are currently allowed to pray. Local Israeli politics are, correctly, decided by those who live and vote in Israel. Netanyahu needs a coalition which includes Orthodox parties to counter the farleft forces that would, in the big picture, weaken his stance on defeating jihad and what he considers to be furthering the legitimate interests of the Jewish State of Israel.


Many of the Diaspora and far-left Jews currently experiencing this extraordinary sense of betrayal are the same ones who, on a different day, would call for Jews in Israel to be expelled from Jewish lands Jews regained in 1967. When exhausted, sometimes concentration camp-surviving Jews fought to an armistice line they could hold in 1949, it failed to include much of the beating heart of Jewish Israel. Not just the Western Wall: all of the Old City of Jerusalem, the burial places of our matriarchs and patriarchs and numerous other sites of incredible significance. Not only ancient sites but communities that had already re-grown following the centuries of jihadi occupation. Those reborn and ancient communities of Jews were marched out of their homes at Jordanian gunpoint (or murdered) in 1949.

Those of us lucky enough to live in Israel today and go about our daily lives without regard to that obsolete 1949 green crayon line have moved past regarding it with any reverence. We feel we’ve gone through every necessary process to prove that land for peace is predicated on the false assumption that conflict here is centered on land. Most of us are satisfied there is nothing we can ever afford to give up which would completely placate our foes. We will never return to being subjugated dhimmis under Muslim overlords: that has been the negotiating stance throughout all dealings with the Arabs for the past century. Subjugated Jews is their only acceptable solution to Islam’s internal crisis of having lost control of Jews who now fail to submit to Islamic Sharia law.


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