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British blog Guido Fawkes spreads fake news to smear UKIP leadership candidate Anne Marie Waters…..


Guido Fawkes Blog Spreads Fake News to Smear UKIP Leadership Candidate Anne Marie Waters

One of Britain’s influential political blogs, Guido Fawkes, has published an edited video of UK Independence Party (UKIP) leadership candidate Anne Marie Waters under the headline: “Anne Marie Waters: ‘I am a Left Winger’”.


The three-minute video from 2014 shows Ms. Waters describing her politics as she stood for a parliamentary seat for the Labour Party. Ms. Waters’s previous affiliation with Labour was never hidden, but bloggers at Guido Fawkes are seeking to make a point of it, hoping to influence the UKIP leadership election.


During the edited video, contrary to the headline, Ms. Waters clearly states: “I don’t really describe myself, most of what I believe would be standard left wing but I wouldn’t really describe myself as as left or a right or anything of the kind”.


In the Guido Fawkes copy however, they selectively quote the following, leaving out the above caveat:

Most of what I believe would be standard left-wing… I believe in what I believe in. I believe in a strong public sector, I believe in the NHS. If there was a traditional left-wing, yes… that’s what I believe in…

Ms. Waters’s comments about being neither left nor right wing on the political spectrum have also been uttered by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage on a number of occasions.


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