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US commander advises Australia to take the fight is the Islamonazis in their theater, don’t underestimate the threat…..

This is WWIII, regardless of those who would want to dream otherwise…..

US commander warns ISIS may spread as he urges Australia to end jihadi threat in Asia

A US commander has called on Australia to send troops to fight ISIS in the Asia-Pacific as he warned the the nation’s government not to underestimate the potential for jihadis to spread Down Under.

Lieutenant General David Berger warned that “movement of violent extremist organisations” was a “very real problem” Australia’s neighbours in Asia-Pacific.

General Berger said that embattled countries such as Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia would need assistance if they were to successfully stop the threat posed by ISIS-inspired militants.

He added: “It should be of very much concern to countries in the region, including Australia and the US.


“I think the potential for it to spread is there, we should not underestimate it.”


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