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UK: Marxist BBC so biased that they don’t even hide it anymore, brain dead festival goers cheer marxist leader……

All publicly funded indoctrination…….

Finland’s YLE is no different, run by hard Leftists and it’s all propaganda all of the time. Also, just look at all the trash these ”eco warriors” left behind. Complete frauds.

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‘They don’t even bother to hide it’ BBC savaged over ‘BIASED’ Corbyn Glastonbury coverage

BBC bosses were facing growing anger last night at the allegedly biased coverage of Jeremy Corbyn’s trip to the Glastonbury Festival.

The Labour leader was given a rock star’s welcome by thousands of young fans when he appeared on the main stage at the annual music event in Somerset.


Critics claimed the BBC reporting of his speech was heavily slanted in his favour.


Before he spoke, one BBC reporter predicted his address would be “brilliant”.


A BBC Radio 1 social media message showing a picture of the Labour leader waving a microphone was captioned: “When you ace the chorus.”


Tory MP Philip Davies said: “The BBC became the unofficial media wing of the Labour Party some time ago.”


He joked that many BBC staff lived in the Labour leader’s Islington North constituency, seen by many at Westminster as a hotbed of the Left-wing chattering classes.

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