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Muslim raised psychiatrist: Hijabs and beards a middle finger to the West……


‘Hijabs and long beards are a middle finger to the West’: Muslim-raised psychiatrist claims head scarves and facial hair are Islam’s symbol of opposition to mainstream society

  • Bangladeshi-born psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed says Muslim teens resent West
  • Muslim-raised specialist says hijabs and beards are a ‘middle finger’ to society
  • He spoke of how children from Muslim families are taught to blame the West 


A Muslim-raised psychiatrist says hijabs and long beards are often an Islamic ‘middle finger’ to Western society.


Tanveer Ahmed, who has a practice in Sydney’s west, says disaffected youths from Muslim migrant families are turning to an extremist version of Islam to find a sense of identity.


‘Where they tend to find a sense of identity is in Islam but a particular brand of it, one which they show through outer markers like hijabs or beards,’ he said in a Rebel Media video.


The Bangladeshi-born specialist, who moved to Australia when he was six, cited a term coined by Canadian author Tarek Fatah, who campaigns for a secular form of Islam which recognises gay rights.


‘Underneath that exterior though sometimes it can be a sense of opposition to mainstream society, what Canadian author Tarek Fatah calls a middle finger to the West,’ Dr Ahmed said.


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