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Possible terrorism involved in tanker ship colliding into USS Fitzgerald, did a massive U-turn to ram it…….

Not an accident……..

Retired Naval Intelligence officer J.E.Dyer tells the TT the following:

I’ll start by saying that Fitzgerald’s case doesn’t make sense as the sort of situation you describe.  The container ship couldn’t have been asleep at the helm.  It executed two U-turns and then seemed to alter course again, at increased speed, before ramming Fitz amidships.  This wasn’t just an accident. Fitz would normally have issued warnings on bridge-to-bridge, sounded blasts on her horn at the merchant, and maneuvered if necessary herself to avoid the collision.  We don’t know the answer to the question whether Fitz tried to avoid it, but my assumption is yes.  No Navy ship just stubbornly waits to be hit in order to prove a point.

[VIDEO] Military officials say TERRORISM is possible in cargo ship collision with USS Fitzgerald

US military officials aren’t ruling anything out, including that the collision with the USS Fitzgerald was both intentional and a terrorist act:

What’s interesting from this report is that GMA says that multiple maritime trackers show the cargo ship doing a massive u-turn just before hitting the USS Fitzgerald, which makes it look very intentional:

Also notice that the ship directly hit the area of the ship were sailors were sleeping. Is that a coincidence?

GMA reports that company that owns the cargo ship is now saying that the u-turn never happened and the incident happened 50 minutes earlier than the US Navy reports it.

Here are the seven sailors who died in the collision (click to enlarge):

Read more: http://therightscoop.com/video-military-officials-say-terrorism-is-possible-in-cargo-ship-collision-with-uss-fitzgerald/#ixzz4kSID0X9o

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