Google to tackle Islamic (nazi) State propaganda……..

good luck………

Google plots blitz on IS propaganda: Internet giant say they’ll root out vile hate speech…but what took them so long?

Google will now use technology to help flag and take down extremist videos 

  • Google will use computers to search and flag potentially dangerous content 
  • Senior vice president Kent Walker admitted the company had not done enough
  • The firm has now pledged a ‘tougher stance’ on IS propaganda videos 
  • YouTube will also re-direct those searching for extremist material 


Google is to start automatically searching for extremist material online – as it finally takes seriously the threat of terrorists on the web.


The internet giant will use computers to look for potentially dangerous content, which will then be reviewed to decide if it should be taken down.


Technology firms, including Google and its video site YouTube, have been accused of dragging their feet and failing to remove extremist material quickly enough.


More here.

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