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Sweden: Organizer of political forum event asks police to stop Neo-Nazi group from attending…….

It would be refreshing to hear that Communists (socialists in general) and Muslims advocating their ideology would be forbidden as well.

Host of Swedish politics week asks police to stop neo-Nazis from attending

The host of Sweden’s annual Almedalen politics week has asked police to stop a neo-Nazi organization from attending the event, after previously deciding to allow the group to rent space there.

In May, Gotland municipality granted neo-Nazi group the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) space at the forthcoming edition of the annual Almedalen week, a decades-old Swedish political tradition where pundits, politicians and lobbyists gather in Visby.


But now, the municipality’s technical committee has submitted a letter to the police saying that it is “wrong for organizers or organizations who clearly stand for anti-democratic and violence-promoting messages to be allowed to rent land from Gotland municipality”.


The committee added that it has caused significant concerns for security and safety in the city and for visitors in general.


The technical committee’s chairperson Tommy Gardell said that allowing the NRM to rent space was a mistake which they regret. The application was approved without a check on what kind of organization the request came from.


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