Finnish newspapers on London Islamonazi terrorist attack, also Somalis returning to Mogadishu………

Without exploring Islam as a war doctrine, these papers/journalists will never be a force for knowledge.

So much for the Left’s uproar over the government sending people back to Somalia.

Untangling terror and Somalia returnees

Finnish newspapers devote expansive real estate to peeling back the layers on Saturday’s terror attacks in London that killed seven and injured nearly 50 people – and peek at Somali-Finns who’ve returned to Mogadishu.

Poliisi asettelee tie suljettu -kylttiä.

British police shut down the area adjacent to Borough Market on Sunday. Image: Andy Rain / EPA

The most recent spate of terror attacks to strike Europe, this time in London, has put leaders on edge. Finland is no different, with authorities assuring residents that they are closely monitoring the latest developments. Helsinki-based daily Helsingin Sanomat spoke with terrorism researcher Leena Malkki of Helsinki University, who declared that one thing is certain: there are more extreme Islamist terrorist cells or lone wolves planning attacks in Britain today than there were five years ago.


“Researchers expect that these strikes will become more common in the short term, over the next five years,” she cautioned.


HS also interviewed Teemu Tammikko, a researcher at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, after a suicide bomb attack in Manchester in May. He pointed out that the ongoing conflict in Syria may have woken a new generation of jihadis.


“We can now assume that even if the war in Syria were to end, the fallout would continue for 20 years or so, because a generation has been born and has chosen its path,” Tammikko added.


Tabloid daily Ilta-Sanomat’s spread features comments by another FIIA researcher, Olli Ruohomäki, who also offered little consolation following the deadly incident. “It is completely impossible to track and surveil potential terrorists. Of course [officials] try to identify them, but monitoring one potential attacker requires nearly 30 police officers, if you want to keep track of him around the clock,” Ruohomäki noted.


Extra reading: Active Finnish community in Somalia

HS’s monthly supplement Kuukausiliite highlights a story about Somali Finns who have returned to their country of origin to help rebuild following recent Parliamentary elections.


According to HS, some 50 former Finnish residents have now resettled in the capital Mogadishu. One of them is Mowlid Hussein Guhad, who left Finland last year to visit relatives, but is now the Deputy Speaker of the recently-elected Parliament.



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