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London Bridge jihadi Islamonazi terrorists seen looking for victims after running down pedestrians…….

Eradicate these bastards……now!

Terrorist in an Arsenal shirt and his hooded jihadi accomplices were filmed sauntering into Borough Market moments after mowing down pedestrians in attack which killed seven and injured 48

The trio began their killing spree just after 10pm when they ploughed into pedestrians in a white van on London Bridge

New footage has emerged showing the three terrorist knifemen for the first time, as they calmly walked into Borough Market to embark on the second part of their terrifying rampage.


The trio began their killing spree just after 10pm when they ploughed into pedestrians in a white van on London Bridge. Just minutes after, the group were recorded from the Market Porter Pub as they entered the market. In the recording they appear to be wearing belts loaded with  canisters which police later confirmed were mock bombs.


Striding calmly through empty streets, the three London Bridge terrorists were caught on camera as they hunted for more victims halfway through their terrifying rampage last night.


The attackers were filmed sauntering through a deserted Borough Market just moments after they abandoned the white van they had used to mow down pedestrians on London Bridge shortly after 10pm.


Shortly after, the trio began stabbing revellers at random inside packed bars and pubs, with several witnesses reporting victims with stab wounds to their faces, necks and chests. It was sometime during this second phase of the carnage that they were filmed by a passerby.


At one point they are seen walking past the Market Porter pub, where terrified people sought refuge. Moments after the video was taken, all three suspects were shot dead by police – just eight minutes after the first emergency call was received.


Today police arrested 12 people and took four women into custody in a dramatic raid at block of flats where one of the London Bridge terrorists reportedly lived. Neighbours reported hearing shots being fired as heavily armed police stormed a tower block in Barking, east London, at around 7am this morning.


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