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End the UN: Special (ed) Rapporteur insists Israel to blame for Muslim Arab men beating up their wives…….

What this UN apparatchik is actually doing, is engaging in humanitarian racism:

“Someone who attributes intrinsically reduced responsibility for their acts to people of certain ethnic or national groups.”

When Palestinian men beat their wives, in large part it’s the fault of Israel, suggests a UN expert.

Dubravka Simonovic, UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, concluded her visit to Israel and the West Bank with a statement today “recognizing the clear linkage between the prolonged occupation and violence against women.”


Absurdly, her statement refers repeatedly to Israel’s alleged indirect responsibility for Palestinian male violence against Palestinian women.


By contrast, nowhere does she condemn Palestinian patriarchal society, the Hamas rulers of Gaza—who enforce Islamist misogyny—or the Palestinian Authority.


Simonovic’s bizarre arguments include:

  • Israel is to blame because house demolitions create instability, which results in Palestinians living in a relative’s overcrowded home, which increases pressure on families, and this, finally, leads to Palestinian male violence against women.
  • Simonovic commended the Palestinian Authority for signing a treaty on eliminating discrimination against women, and then pointed the finger at Israel. Palestinian laws condemning violence cannot be implemented, she says, “due to the absence of a formal governmental authority in specific areas of the occupied Palestinian territory.” Again, Palestinian male violence against women is all Israel’s fault.
  • In Simonovic’s own words: “the occupation is a real obstacle to the fulfillment of the State’s due diligence obligation to prevent violence against women in areas where it has not full jurisdiction, because of the fragmentation of the areas under different control.”
  • While reform of violent and abusive Palestinian practices would otherwise be attainable, Israel’s “prolonged occupation” is at fault for causing these practices to become “petrified.”
  • In Simonovic’s own words: “Within the occupied Palestinian territories, many deeply embedded forms  of violence against women are petrified in a context of prolonged occupation, among which, domestic violence, early marriages, sexual violence, including rape and incest, as well as killings in the name of ‘honour’”, she wrote. Israel, she argues, incurs at least partial blame for all of these Palestinian domestic crimes.
  • In Gaza, Palestinian women are subjected to “inherited forms of discrimination and violence,” yet this too is Israel’s fault—”due to the blockade that limits their mobility and privacy, but also their access to adequate services needed for women victims of violence.”


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  1. The UN is run by damn Muslims and should have been disbanded years ago. It’s money for old rope and our damn taxes pay for these freeloaders, they have credibility and we don’t need them. If the bloody Arabs want to get together then leave the rest of us out of it.

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