Dhimmitude GOOGLE Sharia

Sharia compliant Google: Celebrates Ramadamadingdongdoo with oppressive dress code…….


Google celebrates Ramadan by promoting suppressive dress code for women

Google promotes the Sharia’s dress code for women in their latest doodle celebrating the Islamic holiday, the Ramadan.


Houndreds of million of women all over the world live without the most basic human rights. They live under the brutal Islamic laws, the Sharia. The Sharia laws give husbands the right to beat their wife/wives (Quran 4:34) and allows them to have sex with girls down to nine years of age (because this is what their good example, Muhammed did). Besides giving men the right to abuse women and girls, Sharia robs Muslim women of their right to pick their own religion (leaving Islam is to be punished with death according to Sharia) and to chose their own sex parter(s): The family has to approve their husband, and should she wish to divorce her often violent partner, she needs his permission and will have to pay him for it (arabic: khula’). Sex before or outside the marriage is unthinkable (punishment according to Sharia: Death by stoning).


By marking the Ramadan with a veiled Muslima Google romantizies brutal religious suppression of women. If the Disneyfied woman on Google’s Arabified logo should chose to rid herself of the veil, leave her suppressive family and go find a man that she really loves – she would be killed.


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