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Philippines: Islamic (nazi) State jihadis murdering as young as 13 y/o……

Drive them out, kill every last one of these 7th century barbarians…….

Eyewitnesses: Islamic State Jihadis Killing in Philippines as Young as 13 Years Old

Civilians who have escaped the besieged city of Marawi in the southern Philippines say the Islamic State-affiliated jihadis fighting to establish a caliphate there are largely teenaged, with some as young as thirteen participating in the killing.


“They are just barely out of teenage life. And they take command from boys in their early to mid-20s,” a woman identified as Norma told the Philippine Inquirer, following her escape from the city. “That is why I addressed most of them as orak (boy) when I conversed with them while me and my family walked out of Marawi the day after the siege started.”

Norma described the boys as “playing,” apparently enjoying the fear of civilians at the sound of gunfire and taking the time to enjoy the loot they robbed from local groceries.

“The boldness and daring that are inherent in the youth are being exploited to advance aims that these boys do not understand,” another woman, Faridah, told the newspaper, asking, “I really wonder if they ever realize the implications of what they are doing.”


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