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Germany: Spy boss warns state is still high priority target for ISIS…….

Ya think?

Spy agency boss warns Germany is high on Isis target list

The leader of Germany’s domestic security agency (BfV) warned on Monday that Germany is a high priority for terror group Isis.

BfV President Hans-Georg Maaßen said on Monday that Isis has its eyes set on Europe, according to Die Welt.


“At the same time, Germany is becoming more highly prioritized by Isis, according to our assessments,” he said.


Al-Qaeda still remains a serious threat as well, according to Maaßen, adding that the group “is powerful like before and could try to redeem its loss of reputation through new, dramatic terror attacks”.


The intelligence agency estimates there to be around 10,000 Salafists in the country, 670 of whom are considered potentially dangerous.


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