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Col-Richard Kemp: Deport or intern all foreign nationals on the terror watch list…….

Take one of the UK’s many barren islands in the cold North Sea, and keep these varmints there.

Col. Richard Kemp: Time to Throw out Every Islamist on Terror Watch List

Colonel Richard Kemp, a former member of the COBRA committee, Joint Intelligence Committee, and commander of the British Task Force in Helmand, Afghanistan, has called on the Government to deport or intern all foreign nationals on the terror watch list.


“The problem is, there are 3,000 known jihadis on the streets of the UK today,” explained the Royal Anglian Regiment veteran.


“Our intelligence services and police – no matter how good they are – they cannot monitor all of them; they can’t control all of them, and therefore people like the bomber in Manchester and also the attacker in Westminster a couple of months before, these people were known to the security, yet they slipped through the net.


“The reason is because they have to prioritize, and they sometimes get it wrong.”


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