Islam in the Philippines Muslim persecution of Christians

Philippines: Christians brutally murdered by Islamic (nazi) State terrorists, tied together and shot…….

Once again Islam is on the front lines in butchering Christians…..and anyone else who is not a muslim

Christians ‘are tied together and shot dead by ISIS militants’ as US-trained special forces battle to retake besieged Philippines city from rampaging jihadis

  • ISIS-linked militants forced civilians off their truck at checkpoint in Marawi City 
  • They shot them after the group were identified as Christian, local media claimed 
  • Fighting between Islamists and soldiers erupted in the city of Marawi on Tuesday
  •  It was sparked by a raid on the house of Isnilon Hapilon, the Filipino head of ISIS 
  • President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law on the bottom half of the island

ISIS-linked militants reportedly captured nine Christians, tied their hands together and shot them dead in a city in the Philippines.

The Maute group forced the civilians off their truck at a roadside checkpoint in Marawi City on Wednesday and murdered them after they were identified as Christian, local media reported.

Harrowing images show the group lying dead face-down in the grass, amid reports that villagers are afraid to move the bodies because terrorists are still in the area.

One policeman was similarly caught at a checkpoint set up by the militants and beheaded on Wednesday, President Rodrigo Duterte said.

It comes as 100 US-trained special forces aboard helicopters and armoured tanks battled to retake the besieged southern city from rampaging jihadis.


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