Islam in France Islamic misogyny

France: Women protesting Muslim misogyny in Paris NO-GO zone called ‘racists’…….

That’s all they have, shout racist….

That’s the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears while shouting bla bla bla…

Watch. Women protesting central Paris street harassment being called “racist manipulators”

Yesterday, TOC reported on French women being expelled from the streets by drug dealers and migrants, not in the infamous banlieues, but in the Chapelle-Pajol district, located right in the heart of Paris.


Local women launched a petition, which claims they’re being called “Bitch and whore in every language” accompanied by phrases such as “I’ll kiss you”. In modest numbers, these women took to the streets to protest their plight.


What we failed to report yesterday, however, were the counter-protesters sporting signs saying “Feminism is not racism”, who insisted on slandering the women as “racist manipulators“. A dozen of activists working with local migrants voiced that they thought the petition and demonstration to be “stigmatising”.


More here.

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