Political Correctness

Clint Eastwood says ‘Dirty Harry’ couldn’t be produced today thanks to political correctness, ‘we’ve lost our sense of humor’……..

No, not ‘we’, but post-modernist neo-marxists who have been allowed to dictate to us societal norms for far too long.

But he’s Dirty Harry so I’ll cut him some slack…

Dirty Harry could not be produced today thanks to political correctness, says its star Clint Eastwood as he claims ‘we’ve lost our sense of humour’

  • Clint Eastwood says ‘Dirty Harry’ wouldn’t be made today for political reasons
  • He claims the hit film was not politically correct and may be offensive today
  • 86-year-old said: ‘Everyone’s politically correct. We’ve lost our sense of humour’
  • Eastwood spoke at the Cannes Film Festival and also predicted acting return

Clint Eastwood speaks on stage during a presentation during the 70th annual Cannes Film FestivalHollywood legend Clint Eastwood has hit out at political correctness, claiming one of his greatest films could not have been produced in today’s climate.

The 86-year-old regaled the Cannes Film Festival also predicted a possible return to acting and decried what he perceives to be the world’s collective loss of sense of humour.

Eastwood was honored with several screenings of his films, including one marking the 25th anniversary of ‘Unforgiven.’ In a conversation on Sunday, the 86-year-old director said he would revisit acting ‘someday.’

The last time Eastwood appeared on screen was 2012’s ‘Trouble With the Curve.’ Before that, he starred in his own 2008 film, ‘Gran Torino.’

Eastwood didn’t talk about current political events, but while discussing his then-controversial 1971 film ‘Dirty Harry,’ he waded into a topic he’s touched on before: political correctness.


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