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Italy: “Judges are right to remove the children from mafia families”…….

So I ask, if that’s going to be the upcoming issue in Italy, how about the same for those Muslim families who are Islam 101’ers?

The term ’Ndrangheta also refers to a set of behaviours. These are characterised by the use of intimidation, disregard for authority and the law, involvement in criminal activities and preoccupation with personal gain. All of this is imbued in the cultural and social codes of the Calabrian region. The most traditional manifestations of Calabrian culture, from religion to community organisation, are linked to the centrality of families. Marriage is used between families to preserve reputation and social prestige.

Pretty much describes the average Muslim family who strictly adheres to canonical Islam and Islamic norms, never daring to stray away from the top down meddling of the Islamic community top tier leadership.

OPINION: ‘Italian judges are right to remove children from mafia families’

In southern Italy, anti-mafia police have removed around 40 children from families suspected of organized crime links – a procedure which is allowed even if the parents have not been formally charged. Criminology professor Anna Sergi explains why this could help break the mafia’s grip on the region.

The youth tribunal in Reggio Calabria, in the Southern Italian region of Calabria, is pioneering a new form of intervention, aimed at breaking the family bonds between children and their parents who are under investigation, charged or convicted for mafia-related crimes. As the procedure falls under family law, the tribunal can intervene even in the absence of a charge or a conviction of the parents. Once anti-mafia authorities start an investigation, children of suspects can be removed from their parents. The Conversation


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Since 2012, around 40 proceedings have successfully limited or removed paternity rights within mafia families, almost exclusively aimed at fathers. The children affected receive support from social services, including inclusion in the foster system, and they are often sent outside the region as part of special education programmes.


There was a peak in removals after a partnership agreement in 2013 with district prosecutors. Then in mid-2016, the president of the youth tribunal, Roberto Di Bella, published a decree to codify the procedure, explaining how to justify the removals under Italian law. This now means that the procedure is applicable to the whole of Italy, although so far it has only been applied in Calabria.


’Ndrangheta family model


The reasons why the authorities have turned to this extreme policy is closely linked to the situation in Calabria. The families involved are members of the ’Ndrangheta, the most globalised, powerful and wealthiest part of the Italian mafia. While the ’Ndrangheta clans are deeply rooted in Calabria, investigations over the last 30 years have shown the spread of their presence to the rest of the country, especially in the north of Italy.


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